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How many people really make money?

by Ottie on 2020-02-08 11:05:30

In the typical MLM, about 1% end up making above $50,000, or a middle class income.  

To someone who is being pitched an MLM (and is inclined to believe), even this stat isn't convincing.  After all, maybe they're the 1% - especially if they're willing to work hard, exciting to be their own boss, etc.

They also might imagine (as their "friend" is pitching it), that the $50,000 will come from them relaxing most of the day casually posting stuff on social media, which they might be doing anyways.

The reality is that the 1% isn't 1%.  For new members, it's far less than 1%, as most of the 1% were early adopters who got in on the scam before it exploded.  For new members that happen to end up making $50,000/year, they do so only through enough hours that it effectively ends up as minimum wage, AND they alienate friends and family along the way, AND they end up pulling tons of people into the money losing scam.  

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