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MLM product price comparisons

by Ottie on 2020-02-16 15:23:28

MLMs will pitch the magic of social media and the fancy web site they provide you as an easy way to sell your products.  True, there's probably a lot less effort needed (theoretically) compared to the pre-internet days where most sales were done in person.  However, that ignores the fact that Google and modern web tech has made it extremely easy for people to search for your same products online - and find better prices.  

The chart below shows the pricing I found on three of the top products on Herbalife.  They're the same exact sku, but the pricing is from Herbalife vs. Amazon vs. eBay.  

Ebay is, not suprisingly, lower, but I would understand that people might not have eBay accounts, and might be ok paying a bit more for a higher degree of confidence/reliability.  

However, in two out of the three, Amazon is actually cheaper than Herbalife.  

Now imagine a friend is pitching you one of these products.  You do a quick search on google and see a myriad of options that are lower price.  You also see a similar or lower price on Amazon.  Even if you're interested in that product, by choosing to buy from your friend, you're knowingly paying more - you're essentially doing your friend a favor from buying from him/her.  (Even if it's a similar price to Amazon, most people would rather buy from Amazon, with Prime, their reliability, etc.)

This is a lot of what selling products is with an MLM.  It's asking your friends (or family) to do you a favor by getting stuff they don't need, and paying more for it.  

Price comparison

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