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MLMs kill friendships

by Ottie on 2020-02-12 22:01:33

One of the worst facets of MLMs is how they poison otherwise good relationships.  Yes, we make fun of the Karens who reach out to you after 10+ years of silence, but the bigger ill is when you're engaged by someone with an MLM "opportunity", and you actually care about that person.

No one likes to stomp on someone's dreams or tell them they're being swindled.  

That's why we need another option.  Not just education on how bad MLMs are, but a "hey, just try this before you spend your money" option.  You could even say that, "you might be right - this might be a great opportunity - but wouldn't you want to make sure before you spend hundreds of dollars?"

That's what we're trying to do.  If you're interested in joining the fight, let us know!

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