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What an MLM killer will look like

by Ottie on 2020-02-10 17:31:31

Our goal is to build a service that effectively kills MLM - worldwide.  There are many facets required to make this work, but at a high level, it needs to do the following:

  • Provide a way for an MLM prospect to try the experience for free.  MLMs don’t have free trials, because if they did, people would realize very quickly that the experience of being in an MLM and trying to pitch skeptical friends/family just plain sucks.  Because this is a requirement, the solution also needs to…
  • Require extremely low overhead to run.  It won’t require the shipping of actual products until an end-customer actually orders it.  The cost of adding another member or customer should be minimal. Of course, it goes without saying, but we also aren’t paying for big rah rah events, or buying cars for people or private jet rides or big houses for people at the top of the chain.  Of course, with less of a “carrot” for members (even if the carrot is BS), we need to make the experience easy/enjoyable, so we need to...
  • Include products/services people already want.  Some of the MLM products are ok, but most are ridiculously expensive and lower quality than you can get from other brands at your supermarket.  Because of the low overhead, we’re not building up a whole new brand. Instead, members would simply be promoting/selling products that people already know and want (at the prices and delivery options they’re accustomed to.)  
  • Provide opportunity for passive income.  We have to provide some promise and opportunity for new members - otherwise no one would want to even try it (even if it is free.)  So we need to show a reasonable path for someone to make meaningful money from the program (in the order of ~$1K/month). To be clear, we wouldn’t promise that this is a replacement to a full time job, though that could theoretically be possible.  
  • Be fun.  We would also gamify the experience of being a member, so it’s fun to use it and earn money.  Easier said than done, of course, but we’d want the solution to be engaging (and even amusing) to use.  

The summary table below summarizes the typical MLM vs. our vision of the MLM killer:


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