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Let's end MLMs with an MLM killer

Why kill MLMs?

MLMs - or Multi-Level-Marketing companies - are a plague. They target the disadvantaged with promises of riches and professional fulfillment. In return, they isolate the targetted, drain their bank accounts, and drive them to the mental brink.

The only way for people to do well in MLMs is to recruit others - to become part of the plague. The cycle continues until there are no targets left.
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Why MLMs are hard to kill

Many have fought MLMs. Lawsuits are risky, expensive, and often fail. Government action is rare as many officials are in the pocket of MLM companies. Education helps, but with armies of acolytes, people considering joinging MLMs can always find supportive "evidence" that it's a great opportunity.

How will Otter Org kill MLMs?

We'll fight (and kill) MLMs in the market. We'll be the Netflex to their Blockbuster. The Amazon to their Barnes & Noble. The car to their horse and buggy.

We'll provide a no-pressure alternative that we'll make it impossible for MLMs to recruit and retail people. People still considering MLMs will be able to try our program - for free - to see what the experience is really like. Some might have fun and make a bit of extra spending money. Most will realize it's not for them, and we'll save them the anguish of joining a money sucking cult.
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AntiMLM Otter

Why are you doing this?

We know people who have lost their life savings to MLMs, and we know other efforts to kill MLMs have failed. We beleive this alternative will do the job.

We're not doing it to get rich. Any additional proceeds will go into making the program easier and better, and ongoing education to fight the scourge of MLMs.

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