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Pay Comparison
According their income disclosure statements (linked below), the average distributor at It Works! makes about $2K per year. This income compared to other part time 20/hour week jobs are shown below. You can also adjust which jobs to show in the chart and add your own.

Add job to compare

Average Annual Income ($):
Income overall
You could always be the person who "makes it big" at an MLM, but it's valuable to know how the odds are stacked before jumping in. The pie chart below shows what portion of distrubutors fall into which income brackets. Note this does not include the start up costs and monthly minimums. Also note the green section - representing those who make $5K+ per month - is there - it's just really hard to see as that group is so small.

Red = $47/month
Orange = $48 to $1K/month
Blue = $1K to $5K/month
Green = >$5K/month

Pay calculator
Use the drop downs below to put in what you think you'll be able to do at It Works!. The sales dropdowns represent the number of unique items sold (average price: $39). Although we don't have the option for a 3rd layer of distributors under you, fewer than 1% of people actually get to that stage. The values you put here impact the remaining charts and information below.

Your personal sales each month:
Distributors you personally sign up:
Distributors each of your first level distributors sign up:
Sales each month from each person in your downline:

Income sources
Based on the dropdowns set above, this shows from where you'll make your monthly income. It's valuable to see where your results will come from - recruiting people, pushing them to sell, or selling yourself.

Red = Distributor sign up income
Blue = Personal sales income
Orange = Distributor sales income
Your monthly work
Success doesn't come without stress, and this is especially true at an MLM. Based on the dropdowns set above, you can see here how many people you'll have total in your "downline" and how many products you and your organization will need to sell each and every month to make the income shown earlier.

Source: It Works! Income Disclosure Statement and Compensation Plan

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